Mission: Churchpond is dedicated to spreading the message of God's love through technology to those who don't know Christ as Savior and to supporting those who are already believers.

Vision: The Churchpond network is the preeminent online technology oriented broadcaster and producer of Christian programming with a worldwide presence and diverse appeal.

Values: Christianity - Technology - Client/Customer Focus

Christianity - We are an organization founded on two main principals, 1) Christian values, and 2) embracing the shared Christian goal of spreading the gospel. We believe in Jesus Christ as the Savior of all mankind and that the Bible is God's guide book for everyone. As such, we hold ourselves to high standards and provide content that will inspire and encourage viewers to develop strong, personal relationships with Jesus Christ. We believe that truthfulness, respect, and uncompromising integrity are integral to Churchpond Ministry, Inc. and under no circumstances will we fail to act in accordance to these principles.

Technology - The foundation of this ministry is innovation through technology. Churchpond continually seeks ways to apply new technology in spreading the gospel. Our fundamental concept is "Evangelism Through Technology."

Client/Customer Focus - Churchpond's primary audience is its viewers, listeners, and content providers. We believe that we owe all who log on to www.churchpond.com a commitment to quality programming, applicable to all age groups. In order to satisfy our worldwide viewership, we feel we have an obligation to be respectful, professional and responsive and may all efforts towards this accomplishment.